by Henrik Ibsen

directed by Jeff Wise

costumes by Christopher Metzger

lighting by Drew Florida & Cha See

Gene Frankel Theatre   /   Wheelhouse Theatre Company

photos by Jeremy Daniel

"Excellent staging in this production is well supported by the scenic designer (kudos to Brittany Vasta) who utilizes a minimalist multi-leveled stage which allows the company endless variety in the storytelling. Actors remain onstage, quietly providing nuanced cross-referencing for the offstage action. Members of the company also take comic turns (Yes! There’s comedy here!) as a coat rack or two, and crumpled balls of paper (the worthless ruins of the local press) become ineffectual and listless rocks thrown through Stockman’s windows near the end of the play. Nothing is wasted here, props and sets are deliberately minimalist and the payoff is huge." -- Stage Buddy

"Brittany Vasta’s sparse post-modern scenic design of four platforms and a back wall in blond wood is furnished simply with movable wooden chairs, a floor lamp, and vintage typewriters, allowing for the unencumbered clarity of Wise’s impactful blocking and subtly accentuating the play’s timeless import." -- DC Metro Theatre Arts